► May 16, 2014 saw the launch by RuFilms LLC of the first Russian Higher School of Audiovisual Translation. Curricula, schedules of classes, feedback and other relevant information are located at and Vkontakte.
If you think a black cat is a gloomy sign, you can localize it by pointing your cursor at it

We’re often asked―is your business
film translation, subtitling or dubbing?
The answer is all of them―and none of them.

We work with the localization of audiovisual feed into the languages of the former CIS countries – mostly Russian, Ukrainian and the Baltic ones.So we know how to handle all the challenges of the audiovisual localization business.

TRANSLATION - We have a team of more than 30 interpreters and 9 editors trained in the peculiarities of the audiovisual translation who know how to adapt foreign texts to rigorous constraints of subtitling, closed captioning, dubbing and lip sync. As our language capacity is vast, we suggest you request your rates on various language pairs.

CONVERSION – Our customers and audiences in various countries use varying hardware and software solutions for subtitling and closed captioning. More requirements are set forth by Internet subtitle usage and HD/Blu-Ray advent to the market. The catalogue titles of various media libraries of content providers and creators are going up for reruns and reissues. The content marketing plans have expanded to cover ever more usage windows from IMAX to IPad. Thus the issue of format conversion and format adaptation lab services emerged. We’re successfully tackling it.

SUBS AND DUBS CREATION – We create them using state-of-the-art subtitling software and our own studio premises. Thus RuFilms is capable of meeting tight deadlines and rapid turnovers and can substantiate this ability with references from our clients such as the 20th Century Fox CIS.

OUTPUT – Subtitles and closed captions nowadays have a variety of uses that go beyond Line 21 CCs in broadcasts and DVD subtitles. There are such rapidly growing media outlets as AVOD players (for example, in-flight devices), IPads and other digital age solutions. Due to the use of the advanced software and the training of our personnel we are capable of meeting almost any requirements for closed captions and graphic outputs.

3D – Stereoscopic video is a recent development in the mass market. But it has brought along an array of issues related to the adaptation of various viewing conventions for the new experience. 3D movies are much more immersive in terms of commanding the attention of the viewers, but the audiences are much more irritated when the illusions of depth and reality are broken. So 3D subtitling needs an in-depth knowledge of the business. We work with 3D subtitles and closed captions in the Cyrillic domain. If you plan to launch a 3D broadcasting or AVOD service, we’re ready to offer dynamic 3D subtitling solutions for your content and your audience.